1m² Garden Bee & Butterfly Buffet

Graanmarkt 13


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Transform your place into a blooming wonderland with this edible flower mix. Chef Seppe Nobels and Sanguisorba's herbalist Bart Belmans selected a range of seeds that will add beauty and lots of flavour to your dishes. The bluish starflower marries well with cucumber. Wild Marigold comes in yellow and orange; its flowers and young leaves have a fresh citrus touch. Its bright yellow sister, Pot Marigold, combines well with sunflower oil. By growing all these flowers, you also take care of the bee population. A world without bees is a world without us. So don't forget to greet the little workers before you leave to work in the morning.

Sow the seeds mid May for best results when winter frost is forgotten and summer is in mind.

Instructions can be found on the box.