The Pillow Sofa (1-seater corner)

KASSL Editions X Muller Van Severen


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Available in two different seating formats, frontal and corner, the Pillow Sofa resembles multiple Pillow bags puzzled together to create a soft yet bold seating area. Developed using the original white, black and camel oil fabrics of Limonta, Muller Van Severen added distinguishing colors such as green, navy and sky blue.

The Pillow Sofa presents itself with modular seatings that can either stand alone or be paired together for a strong visual impact in your living area.

Furthermore, the Pillow Sofa can also be expanded by a wooden puzzle block which acts as an extension mechanism that clicks into place with the existing base and can be taken apart to be stored away.

The Pillow Sofa can be extended indefinitely with as many additional seats and poufs as desired, except where there is a side.

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