The Restaurant

Come hungry, leave happy


Rediscover a pure and delightful kitchen at Graanmarkt 13. Having earned prestigious 'green' Michelin stars in 2021 and 2023, the restaurant is returning to its roots, embracing the beauty of uncomplicated flavors. Experience the renewed Graanmarkt 13—a timeless delight, surrounded by the inviting atmosphere inspired by a charming Parisian bistro.

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Practical information

Kitchen hours Tuesday to Saturday
12 – 2.30 pm / 6 – 10 pm
Tel+32 (0)3 337 79 91

Our kitchen

After many succesfull years Graanmarkt 13 is changing course. Together with our ladychef Chollada ‘Tan’ Phimharua, this new story embraces classic dishes of the future, where pure, simple, and familiar flavors take center stage.

With “la cuisine de mamie,” Tim and Ilse want guests to return out of their own desire, and therefore we focus on dishes and flavors everybody likes. We keep it super simple with a minimum of components. No fuss on the plate, just the right ingredient, the right sauce, and the right seasoning. It’s all about the flavor and not about pomp and circumstance.

“Modern classics with a Graanmarkt 13 twist” and a touch of French-Belgian and Provençe flavors, Graanmarkt 13 creates their new “petit grand café” where it always feels like coming home.

Today's menu

Un jour de bonheur,
mais différent


Lunch 12 – 2.30 pm
Dinner 6 – 10 pm