The Restaurant

Come hungry, leave happy

Graanmarkt 13 Food Seppe Nobels Restaurant

Light and nourishing, cool and charming. Herbal and enjoyable, raw and rich. Tender and crisp, nutty and wise. Seppe Nobels’ honest and healthy kitchen was voted the “Best Vegetable restaurant 2015 of Flanders” by 'We’re Smart Green Guide'.

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Practical information

Kitchen hours Tuesday to Saturday
12 – 2.30 pm / 6 – 10 pm
Tel+32 (0)3 337 79 91

The chef: Seppe Nobels

The downstairs restaurant is run by acclaimed chef Seppe Nobels. Cooking is twin-connected with the environment Seppe lives in. To lower the ecological footprint of his dishes, he puts a lot of time in product research, from rooftop gardening to visiting local farmers.

For Graanmarkt 13, Seppe transforms the daily harvest of locally sourced fresh ingredients, Graanmarkt rooftop herbs and honey into generous dishes. His uncomplicated, honest and healthy kitchen was voted the Best Vegetable restaurant 2015 from Flanders by 'We're Smart Green Guide'