13 bottles of uncompromised craft, detail and love.

Perfumer H

We are excited and delighted to welcome one of the world’s most respected perfumers to our Antwerp store: 'Perfumer H' by Lyn Harris. We already had the pleasure to work with Lyn for the creation of the Graanmarkt 13 fragrance: 'I am one of the deep secrets of nature’ and now, a little over one year after the launch of our perfume, we have the privilege to present 13 fragrances and 5 scented candles from the Perfumer H collection. All personally favorited and selected by Graanmarkt 13 founders Tim & Ilse. Each bottle or and every candle glass is handblown by master craftsman Michael Ruh and engraved by hand.

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What makes Lyn Harris so unique is that she has an uncompromised desire to pioneer naturals back into perfumery. In a world where no one knows of which components one's fragrance is made up, Lyn Harris is committed to making a difference. Entering Perfumer H’s London shop, the customer inextricably steps into Lyn’s laboratory where she works with the finest ingredients the world has to offer. The effortless ease of how she uses her materials combined with the magic of science leads to olfactory landscapes that represent individuality and touch you within.

Discover Perfumer H’s fragrances and scented candles in our Antwerp store and let us guide you in your search for personal olfactory expression.