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Tekla / Le Corbusier

Tekla explores the colours of Le Corbusier with a limited-edition collection of blankets, crafted from soft mohair in four brilliant colourways and finished with a natural, fringed edge. The blankets are hand-woven by artisans in Spain before being extra-brushed to achieve their softness and voluminosity. Each blanket is signed with a unique number as part of a limited edition.

The collection takes inspiration from the architect’s Architectural Polychromy, comprising 63 colour shades created across two palettes in 1931 and 1951. Le Corbusier used these colours as accents on building facades and interiors to create dynamic and emotional effects. Le Corbusier noted that "colours affect our emotions and have a substantial impact on our mood." Much like Le Corbusier, colour and its ability to change a space’s impression is at the heart of Tekla. These colours are a natural foundation for this limited collection of blankets.