A season of softness.

Graanmarkt 13 introduces natural hand wash and hand lotion.

Graanmarkt 13 adds a natural hand wash and hand lotion to their eponymous assortment.

Hands give, hands love, hands caress and hands comfort. With colder times ahead, this is the perfect moment to lavish them with the love and attention they deserve.

Six years after Tim and Ilse launched their perfume and candle, they formulated a new natural hand wash and a lotion enveloping your hands with the signature scent of Graanmarkt 13: “I am one of the deep secrets in nature.”

Venturing into skincare, the Graanmarkt 13 founders approached Sophie Engelen of botanical beauty brand Aloïse, to translate their signature spicy scent into products elevating the daily ritual of handwashing. Similar to how Perfumer H’s Lyn Harris drew inspiration from Graanmarkt 13's rooftop garden for the now iconic scent, Sophie Engelen was guided by this special environment while creating a new chapter to the Graanmarkt 13 story.

That is why the Gingko Biloba is at the root of these new products. Known for its skin-soothing properties and for boosting hydration, this ancient tree is one of the hero ingredients in the hand wash and lotion. However, for Tim and Ilse the Ginkgo Biloba holds an even deeper deep significance. Seen from every floor of Graanmarkt 13 the old Gingko tree in the courtyard is at the heart of their urban sanctuary. With its elegant leaves dancing through the seasons, it serves visitors as a beautiful reminder of the ever-changing state of nature surrounding us all.
Product creator Sophie Engelen was drawn to that sensation of discovering a tranquil refuge amidst life’s chaos, expressing “It’s akin to our breath, a place of sanctuary you can always return to – a safe heaven and essential in all our lives.”

Immerse your skin in a velvety embrace, enveloped in our signature fragrance. As this lavish duo of hand wash and hand lotion leaves your hands not only rinsed and clean but also incredibly soft and subtly scented, thanks to the synergy of their natural oils.
Including glycerin, Gotu Kula, Aloe leaf juice and Gingko Biloba as main ingredients, the hand wash prevents stripping the skins natural oils, helps healing wounds and has soothing and calming effects. Additionally, the hand lotion creates a silky moment of indulgence thanks to a blend of natural nourishing oils that hydrate, support anti-aging and give our hands the love they need and deserve.

As always, Tim and Ilse, care about more than just good looks. These new products are made with clean and natural ingredients and produced in Europe, with bottle refills possible in the future.