Anna Maria Blanco

Belgian swimwear with an Italian heart and soul.

Anna Maria Blanco is a new Belgian swimwear brand. Made in Belgium, with Italio love.

Anna Maria Blanco equals passion, femininity and personality, just like the brand's founder and designer Carolina Pizzutilo. The Belgian-Italian Carolina initiated Anna Maria Blanco as a tribute to her mother, a beautiful, strong, proud and stylish woman. She loved seeing her daughter in a bathing suit, but it was never the right model. Always too ordinary or not the right quality.

In July 2017 Carolina's mother passed away after a long struggle with cancer. It was during this time Carolina secretly started 'Anna Maria Blanco' and began sketching her first swimsuits.

Always too ordinary or not the right quality, founder and designer Carolina Pizzutilo sensed the need for female swimwear with the right feel to it.

Anna Maria Blanco is named after Carolina's mother and it depicts her spirit and personality. Strong, impulsive, passionate and feminine. Anna Maria Blanco is a heart-driven project and above all a very personal story.

Carolina describes herself as a tomboy but when in Italy, she feels like a different woman. The “dolce” side of her personality takes over.

A woman wearing Anna Maria Blanco is, besides her daily insecurities, strong and confident. She's bold and proud of her body. Carolina wants to accentuate female curves. A bathing suit doesn't have to be all practical, it can be sexy too.

The first collection includes three different models. Three bathing suits, inspired by the exuberant style of her mother.

Gr13 Anna Maria Blanco Rosa Bathing Suit 185 Euro 5 Gr13 Anna Maria Blanco Morena Bathing Suit 185 Euro 4 Gr13 Anna Maria Blanco Morena Bathing Suit 185 Euro 2 Gr13 Anna Maria Blanco Morena Bathing Suit 185 Euro 6

The campaign was shot in Puglia, Italy, where Carolina's roots are. A 100% Belgian team brought Carolina's story to life. They chose deliberately not to go for that classic swimwear vibe. Anna Maria Blanco is all about personality, character and boldness. Every image and every look was shot in her village. Anna Maria Blanco is Carolina, is her mother, and is for a large part also Italy.

Anna Maria Blanco is available in our Antwerp store and in several masserias in Puglia, Italy. For online orders, please contact us directly by e-mailing to