Belgian jewelry label Espèces

By Marie Artamonoff and Sébastien Lacomblez

Fruit of an ongoing dialogue between artist Sébastien Lacomblez and jewelry designer Marie Artamonoff, Espèces is an engaging reflection on life, death and timelessness. Referencing the tribalism and intimate nature of jewels, Espèces wishes to reconcile the dead and the living, transcending the usual failure of binary views.

Considered the architecture of living forms, animal bones are a starting point for the Belgian creative duo, wanting to return to the essence of life. Bones are, by definition, a fundamental part of our being, as they provide the necessary structure for organs. They are, in fact, the truth within, the ultimate foundation one goes back to in order to reconnect with one’s nature.

Turning them into desirable and aesthetically pleasing objects, bones become unique artifacts, which challenge key notions of time and mortality.

The relationship between jewelry and individual is an intense one, expressed in the direct contact between metal and skin.

Marie and Sébastien’s interest for zoology was the perfect excuse to launch the line, which happened in a rather organic way. The idea for the collection first came in September 2011, when Marie purchased an animal skull for Sébastien’s birthday. Leaving all negative symbolism behind and using bones for their graphic qualities, Sébastien and Marie create necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and other striking art pieces which can be worn by women and men.

Using silver, gold and bronze, the pieces are made in Brussels and Antwerp. Conceived as a permanent line which will be updated every six months, Espèces is keen on experimenting with new techniques and materials, taking the line into unknown directions.

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