Bench players do have game.

Rop van Mierlo has done it again. His new series called ‘Bench players’, consist of failed, rejected or unused animals that didn’t see the light of day in his previous projects or collaborations. After some consideration, van Mierlo decided it was time for these animals to play the field.

Each member of the Bench players represents a peculiar, unconventional and quirky way of life. The butterfly is gracefully odd, the mandrill ostentatiously fierce and the pug charismatically curious. Only twenty editions of each animal (butterfly, mandrill and pug) were carefully woven into wall hangings at TextielLab in Tilburg, the Netherlands. They all have a unique number on the backside, one by one and without exception.

Van Mierlo’s Bench Players will be on display at Graanmarkt 13 and available for purchase online and in store.

Pug7Kopie Pug5Kopie Pug4Kopie Pug1Bkopie Mandril9Kopie Mandril8Kopie Mandril7Kopie Mandril6Kopie Mandril5Kopie Mandril3Kopie Mandril2Kopie Butterfly6Kopie Butterfly12Kopie Butterfly7Kopie Butterfly5Kopie Butterfly4Kopie Butterfly2Kopie Butterfly1Bkopie