Between urban life and outdoor exploration.

It is officially Fall, which means: time to dig up your wintercoat. The perfect time for the yearly KASSL DAYS, so you can be winter proof right before the real cold.

The relatively young KASSL Editions is known as one of the most up-and-coming coat and bag brands for urban life. However, this season they opted for a change of scenery and left the city to explore the outdoors. Where earlier seasons were inspired by utility wear, this season the brand took inspiration from countryside essentials, with layering and the use of authentic materials as a result.

Shearling, boiled wool and corduroy are used in inventive new ways and make for a modern and fresh look, while still carrying the original fisherman’s coat and signature KASSL elements at its core. The metal ring buttons are still around and the democratic silhouette stays uncompromised. New crossbody bags made from stiff, black leather are introduced and the Anchor Bag returns in new colours and materials. The Pillow Sofas also underwent a little refresh and are now available in mono-colours and new fabrics, such as black or brown lacquer and ‘skai’ in dark brown.

Discover KASSL Editions during the KASSL DAYS and explore new coat styles, accessories and Pillow Sofas from the 28th of September until October 1st. We’ve put together a wide selection of styles to discover and are pleased to welcome you for some pre-winter shopping.

Find our favourite pieces in our e-shop, and find the full collection in our Antwerp store.