Cherry-picked menswear for Spring.

Not so long ago we invited our friend, photographer and long-time admirer of everything timeless Tibo De Schepper over for coffee. We talked about the birds and the bees and about his passion for minimalism, photography, traveling and Common Projects. We asked him to select some of his favourite menswear styles from our Antwerp store and here’s what it looked like. 

It’s no secret we have a weak spot for the menswear label Salle Privée. Presenting a strong and elegant selection of iconic essentials, founder Patrick Munsters chooses to stick to his guns and to improve garments rather than changing them as season go by. 

Salle Privee 2 3Kopie Salle Privee 8903Kopie Salle Privee 9373Kopie Salle Privee 9153Kopie Salle Privee 9262Kopie Salle Privee 9040Kopie

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