Traveling without moving

by Graanmarkt 13 and Studio Corkinho

Graanmarkt 13 is spreading its wings this summer, together with the Antwerp design Studio Corkinho.

We took the concept of ‘staycation’ in consideration, and we stepped it up a notch. We are proud to present you an outdoor experience triggering all the senses:

  • 1 luxury tipi tent with a double bed.
  • Decorated with all things Graanmarkt 13 x Studio Corkinho, from the custom made cork flooring to the glassware and everything in between.
  • To enjoy in the comfort of your own garden.
  • During 3 days over the weekend (Friday to Monday during summer 2020 as from the 3rd of July).
  • With an à la carte menu of add-ons to personalize your experience upon request, such as a yoga session by our house yogi and a live guitar concert.

Starting price is €490 for 3 nights.

Drop us a line at (in Dutch or English) for more information and the opportunity to book your private Graanmarkt 13 x Studio Corkinho weekend at home.

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