Common Projects

Premium craftmanship with a clean-lined look

The ten gold-stamped numbers on each Common Projects shoe have become almost as emblematic as the Nike Swoosh or Adidas' Trefoil. The ten numbers are divided into three sets which represent a style number, European shoe size and a colour code. The numbers also represent the brand as this is the only visible "logo" you will find on a pair of Common Projects.

The Italian/American brand started out when Flavio Girolami and Peter Poopat, former art director at V magazine, met in the mid 90's at a bar when soon after they decided to collaborate. Both of them were sneaker enthousiasts but they had had it with wearing Converse all of the time.

They also shared the opinion that the premium priced sneaker market was underdevelopped, which brought them to the idea to create a sneaker that incorporates all the classic elements, for men and women.

Girolami, one half of the geniuses behind the brand, had a base in the hills of the Marche region in Italy where he challanged manufacturers to create the perfect sneaker. This concept was entirely new to them as they were used to making formal shoes. They created a shoe that closed the gap between Nike and Gucci. A sneaker that offers you the same comfort as a shoe.

The duo launched in 2004 with a debut collection called 'Achilles by Common Projects' and from then on, history was made.

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