Clothes that outlive the cycle of a season.

Times are changing. Fashion doesn't need to change every season. An outstanding piece of clothing doesn't lose value as the seasons change. We believe in buying this one quality piece, rather than buying several pieces, all products of mass production.

Being bored with fashion and trends that change every season, CristaSeya states that they are against the current fashion structure. The Parisian designer brand works with editions instead of different collections for different seasons. All the editions, old an new, are simultaneously available at any given time upon request.

CristaSeya strives for only using the best materials that the world has to offer: the finest Italian cashmere, Australian wool, brushed linen from Kyoto,... Only to name a few. Their clothing truly outlives the cycle of a season, they aim for the customer to keep the quality and the rareness of the clothing for a lifetime.

Crista Seya's editions are sophisticated, yet edgy. Oversized, but with perfect craftmanship and luxurious textiles to dream of.

The brand was founded by Cristina Casini and Keiko Seya, originally stylists who have worked for brands as L’Officiel, Numero and i-D. The designers have combined their backgrounds into the Parisian brand. They merged Italian handmade craftmanship with Japanese ancestral knowledge.

Nowadays Cristina moves the brand forward as a solo project and continues creating powerful universes with every collection, balancing on the edge of fashion, art and decoration. Collaborations are nurtured and welcomed, such as the celebrated collaboration with Giacomo Alessi in which they created a unique edition of testa di moro vases and other iconic ceramics. 

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