Eva and Hugo Velazquez

Clothes that travel through time without losing their magic.

Sharing a passion for antique clothing and costume history, Eva and Hugo Velazquez are from the same family. They grew up in Spain before settling in Belgium. Although they are from different generations, they evolved in the world of fashion simultaneously before teaming up to create their own brand.

Hugo studied Fashion Design and worked for the likes of Jacquemus in Paris and Jean-Paul Knott in Brussels, while Eva -a graduate in Economic Sciences and Psychology- headed retail networks for several national and international brands, from visual merchandising over buying to recruitment and product training. Eva knows the fashion industry inside out and life has brought her to concentrate on her lifelong passion for antique clothing. And we are ever so thankful for that.

A genuine duo united by the same values, Eva and Hugo complement each other creatively and visually, starting from restoring striking antique garments to designing their personal collections of new pieces. A flea market connoisseur and fan of exceptional materials, Eva is interested in the function and origin of clothing, always taking its peculiarity into account. Little by little, she went back to the roots of all garments, reviving their past to develop a subjective world.

Eva and Hugo offer a contemporary alternative to a faceless industry, allowing clothes to travel through time without losing their magic. While Eva focuses on the revival of past treasures, Hugo designs more contemporary pieces and focuses on creating a present which itself projects an image of the future. Every garment is handmade in their Brussels-based workshops with the utmost care for authenticity and detail.

We kindly invite you to discover the world of Eva and Hugo Velazquez in our Antwerp store from June 4 until June 29. After the 29th a smaller selection of their collections will remain available in our store.