Extreme Cashmere

All seasons, all occasions.

Designer Camille Serra designs with empathy, reaching out to all that we may have in common. Camille’s Extreme Cashmere-collection is like a Beatles song telling us to come together. Don’t look for sizes, there is only one size for everyone and everything. You’re not too big and not too short. Anything you touch and throw around your shoulders will shape itself around you. The seams are flawless, crafted with invisible perfection. If you love the way you look and if you have a familiar feeling, then all you need to do is "let it be". 

Founder Saskia Dijkstra and designer Camille Serra met while they were both working at 'Joseph'. Both women shared the same approach to fashion and felt a great need to quit with making concessions. No more compromises, but creating perfect products at their own pace, giving the creative process the time it needs. 

Extreme Cashmere is not about fashion, it's not about fleeing trends, but about offering high quality one-style-fits-all pieces in the most sustainable and responsible way. It's about making clothes that make anyone wearing them feel extremely confident.  

From slim fitted to oversized shapes, the brand offers timeless cashmere clothes that cut across generations, sizes, genders and occasions. Trying on any piece of their collection is like stepping into your second skin, like snuggling up in a freshly made bed and about holding on to that sensation for many many years. 

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Extreme Cashmere Hoodie Sweater Graanmarkt13 Extreme Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater Graanmarkt13