Extreme Cashmere at your (laundry) service.

Our love for Extreme Cashmere is taking extreme proportions: On Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th of November Graanmarkt 13 will become an Extreme Cashmere store, including a cashmere laundry service. All other brands will make way for one weekend, and all eyes will be on the Dutch luxury cashmere label.

Extreme Cashmere follows a clear aesthetic of reinvented classic styles in surprising colours and shapes, unisex and unisize, suited for all seasons and all occasions, for everybody and every body, designed to be used and loved for a long time.

We will celebrate that Extreme Cashmere has been a fixed value in our store for over 4 years by completely devoting our two floors to the brand, for two days.

You are also welcome to visit us during those two days with your own Extreme Cashmere pieces if you feel that they can use some extra love and care. We will wash your pieces, make sure they will look as good as new, and help you to better understand the fabulous fabric that is cashmere.