Frama Studio

Natural materials, simple geometry and timeless design from Copenhagen.

Based in an impressive historic building in Copenhagen, Frama Studio operates in various fields from furniture over lighting to apothecary. The world Frama creates signals a return to basics, leaving behind all unnecessary details. Frama focuses on natural materials, simple geometry and a general appreciation of timelessness.

Frama often uses untreated materials such as aluminium and bronze in their designs, materials that age beautifully over time and that contrast well with warm and natural interior tones. An intrest that is also reflected in the Frama headquarters and flagship store, based in central Copenhagen in the former historic and protected home of the St. Pauls Apotek established in 1878. The synergy between the past and present elements of the space is a direct link to how Frama defines their main vision within the creative field as a dialogue between two opposite poles: classical and contemporary approach – between digital and analogue production.

While Frama's design pieces take up residence in our Antwerp Store and E-shop, the apothecary line fills the rooms in our Store, as well as our Apartment and Restaurant with Frama's signature aromatic notes of sandalwood, cedar and ylang ylang.

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