Herma De Wit

The vulnerability of nature in solid bronze.

Every flower, branch and bud is full of life. The objects by Herma De Wit are whimsical and sereen at the same time. Roughness and fragility coming together in a beautiful piece. The vulnerability of nature in solid bronze.

Herma De Wit has always been fascinated by nature. As long as she can remember she has been intriged by the power and the beauty of her environmental surroundings. After an education and carreer in fashion Herma's interest field shifted to visual arts. Since 1999 she has been making visual art pieces inspired by and driven by her fascination for nature, going from fragile flower drawings to dynamic bronze pieces to robust sculptures of gigantic flowers.

Characteristic of Herma De Wit's work is the combination of a delicate and subtle vision on one hand and a powerful technique on the other hand. Besides from the beauty, it's the tension between the roughness and the softness that makes Herma's pieces so fascinating. Mrs. De Wit says that technique has no secrets to her and that she can easily think three-dimensional. She observes a flower, makes a sketch and then converts the drawings into a 3D object.

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