In a world full of trends, remain a classic.

Since its inception 7d has built a loyal following of like-minded people, who consider thoughtful design, quality and authenticity the most important selling points when making a purchase.

The ever growing demand for consumption of trend driven clothing and the pressure imposed on the textile industry reinforced the brand’s desire to create authentic, unforced and simple - yet sophisticated and modern - garments. Today, 7d’s main offering is a permanent collection of refined and long-lasting pieces,designed and made for day-to-day wear. The timeless collection of essential pieces serves as a base, creating a wardrobe that is sustainable and adaptable, transcends seasons and simultaneously allows for the wearer’s self-expression to shine through.

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The frequently updated permanent collection is complemented by small capsule collections of seasonal and drop items. By disregarding trends and the relentless rhythm imposed on the industry through fast fashion, 7d remains focused on the garment, investigating the feel of a garment worn in everyday life and questioning how it contributes to making one’s life more comfortable and enjoyable.

Discover new 7d in our Antwerp store from this weekend onwards and explore the brand's new modern classics.