Indigo Storm / Indigo Rain

By Faye Toogood for 1882 Ltd.

Indigo Rain and Indigo Storm are two ceramic collections by the Britisch designer Faye Toogood for 1882 Ltd, offering a wide range of dinner and side plates, bowls, cups, jugs, etc. Faye Toogood’s latest addition to her collection of ceramic designs for 1882 Ltd puts a fresh spin on the forms and traditions of English creamware.

Indigo Rain reinterprets the homely familiarity of blue-and-white striped crockery in a new design informed by the spirit of serendipitous discovery. Broad bands of indigo glaze are applied to rough canvas and then transferred to the pieces, giving an effect of dark-dyed denim on the delicate ceramics. The resultant stripes are subtly different for every plate, bowl and cup in the collection, rendering each piece unique.

The Indigo Storm collection by Faye Toogood for 1882 Ltd celebrates the serendipitous beauty of natural imperfections. The collection of ceramics is a new interpretation of traditional creamware forms, drawing upon the chance patterns created when pigment added to the slip coating does not fully blend. The swirls resulting from these experiments, like meteorological formations in miniature, make up the collection's central motifs, appearing on pieces including jugs, plates, bowls and cups.

All items are made using centuries-old traditions in Stoke on Trent. 

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