John Pawson for Tekla Fabrics

Tekla Fabrics has, in collaboration with celebrated British architect John Pawson, developed a series of four blankets all inspired by John’s home in the Oxfordshire countryside. The blankets are jacquard woven from the finest quality merino wool and finished with eyelash endings.

"My preference is always to design in response to a specific place and purpose and with the blankets for Tekla, the response is a very personal one. For the last few years I have been making a home for my family in the Oxfordshire countryside."

The blankets are very much a consequence of the immersive intensity of the architectural process. All of the patterns and tones originate in this single location. Each design captures a specific moment of graphic interaction between architectural space and light. I wanted to create a series of textiles that is both rigorously abstract and resonantly site specific.

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