KASSL Editions

One coat in seasonal editions.

KASSL EDITIONS is a new outerwear brand carried by a collective of friends working in different fields of fashion. The timeless collection is based on a single coat with an outstanding shape, created by and for people with a love for quality.

How it all started

The venture started in December 2017 as a true friends affair. Graanmarkt 13 founders Tim & Ilse teamed up with their friend and Amsterdam based fashion agent to launch a sample collection inspired by a vintage fisherman's coat.

Taking to heart the maxim “do one thing and do it well”, the founders devote themselves to the production of one coat. The original item is so strong that it can serve as a starting point for collections with various lengths, fabrics and colours. French fashion designer Camille Serra was invited on board and started working on the design, making the oversized look slightly more feminine and exploring the potential to launch a new edition each season.

A small wonder from Kassel

For the production, the team travels to a place where art and craftsmanship, rather than fashion, are the talk of the town. The German city of Kassel is home to the renowned art exhibition documenta, but also to Jozef Koch. He runs a respected family business known for its durable utility wear, preferred by both the national fire brigade and retailer Manufactum. The quality Jozef delivers is fantastic. Although he isn’t a fashion designer, he perfectly knows how a piece works. Understanding technical matters is critical – and Jozef has the answers. The collaboration is so enriching, and quality is so important, that the founders decided to name the brand after the city of Kassel.

Style with substance.

Strong technical character contrasts nicely with luxury. The very detailed, sturdy coats are contrasted with cream of the crop Italian fabrics from Limonta. The first KASSL Editions collection comes in traditional Trench Beige with a contemporary feel, a sixties-inspired Lacquer Black, a beautiful high-tech Japanese Blue cloth with a refined peachy touch and Oil White & Black coated canvas. The latter comes the closest to the original fisherman’s coat, is super durable and has a beautiful drape.

Outerwear with a high-fashion flair

The driving duo behind Graanmarkt 13 and KASSL Editions founders Ilse Cornelissens & Tim van Geloven explain the secret behind the new single product brand:

"The KASSL coat captures a new, honest high-fashion ethos. People have everything and nobody needs anything. So to evoke desire, you need radical quality. One item that lasts for a lifetime. Indestructible and made to wear. We love to think of the life our coats may have. What will they do? Where will they go? Who will they meet? Every KASSL coat is handmade, numbered and stamped on the inner lining, which makes each piece unique. All our coats have the original functional details, paying tribute to their workman’s roots. The buttons are fastened with metal rings so they never fall off, the glued seams and back openings make the coats both 100% water repellent and breathable. The real trump card, however, is their cut. The KASSL shape is so democratic that it fits everyone. This interstellar coat transcends styles, times and generations. He presents himself with a coolness that is very easy to aspire to. Once you try him on, it feels like there is no other way. Inspiring a feeling of desire is what he does best. This coat is out to make waves in the fashion world. A strong new force in a loud and proud industry. A coat that will slice you through the city, with flocks of admirers flapping enviously at your tail. A KASSL is unstoppable."

Gr13 Kassl Puffy Handbag Gr13 Kassl Puffy Handbag 3 Gr13 Kassl Puffy Handbag 2 Gr13 Kassl Below The Knee Coat In Rubber Tawny €850 Euros Gr13 Kassl Puffy Handbag 4

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