KASSL editions x Graanmarkt 13

Durable and social branding in a 1.5m society.

"Scent is a powerful wizard that can lift our spirits and fly us across time and space."

KASSL editions is nothing if not a true friends affair. A venture started by a collective of friends working in different fields of fashion across Antwerp and Amsterdam, among who Tim and Ilse, the driving minds behind Graanmarkt 13. Although the world might physically be turned upside down, we as a brand feel even more connected and our playground remains endless. We will continue to passionately create life-keepers that stand the test of time.

As a heartfelt thank you for continuously supporting our social and durable brand, with every KASSL editions item purchased in either our e-shop or the KASSL editions e-shop, we will offer our Graanmarkt 13 Fragrance kit with three pocket sized ‘I am one of the deep secrets of nature’ bottles.