World's purest and most natural skin care line.

Less offers a limited line of refined organic skin care products, based on the idea that our skin itself already produces the ideal care. The purist, award-winnig German brand has come up with 3 simple and pure products to enhance the skin, whilst respecting the skin's protective mantle. Each of the products is 100% natural and free from skin-irritating additives such as alcohol, preservatives or essential oils.

"Every time I asked someone with beautiful skin about their care routine, the answer was: by using very little. I found this quite interesting and decided to learn more about the functionality of the skin - after all, nature is known to have come up with the most effective solutions on its own." - Dr. David Scherf, founder of Less

For a thorough and gentle cleansing of the skin, a special washing clay is used. "Ghassoul" (pronounced Rasul) is a millennia-old clay that exists only in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. It binds and dissolves dirt, excess lipids and other impurities without destroying the sensitive protective mantle of the skin. The skin retains its moisture and its ability to repel outside pollutants.

If the skin needs help to regain its natural protection, pure plant oils are ideal. Combined intelligently, they supply the skin with all the vitamins and essential fatty acids it needs for natural self regulation and hydration. The face oils at Less are entirely made of certified organic pure plant oils, absolutely no additives are used. The mixtures are tailored to the needs of dry and oily facial skin and are to be spread into clean, wet (!) skin, where they mix with the water and get absorbed by the skin. The skin becomes hydrated, and the skin's protective mantle is gently repaired.

Less is available in our Antwerp store and e-shop.