More is more, less is a bore.

Colville was founded in 2018 by Molly Molloy (formerly design director at Marni) and Lucinda Chambers (formerly fashion director of British Vogue). With their many years of industry experience combined, Molly and Lucinda established Colville: a brand leading the antithesis of fast fashion. Colville’s passion flows from principles of individuality and sustainability, with clothing that - despite the sustainability and awareness behind it - still sparks the imagination. Colville's collections embrace the concept of ‘more is more’ and are bold, colourful, striking and surprising - Molly's creative past is clearly visible - but also feminine and even slightly ‘tough’. Employing layers of colour, texture and pattern, each item - whether it is clothing, accessories or homeware - is a feast for the eyes and a welcoming invite to the world of maximalism.

Since the beginning, Colville has worked closely together with independent social projects for women in Dakar, Colombia and Morocco. The brand collaborates with artists and performers aiming to keep authentic crafts alive. “We love craft and the skills of making, and we value the people who use them to contribute to the world.”

Discover the world of Colville from October 27th onwards. We have a great selection of dresses, trousers, knits, bags, jewellery and homeware among other things in store. Of course, you can also shop a cherry-picked selection in our e-shop.

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