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Christophe Gevers (1928-2007) remains a towering figure in the realm of Belgian interior architecture and design during the post-war period. His legacy is marked by an enduring influence on Belgian design, characterized by his tactile modernism and a preference for warm, enduring materials.

Teaching at La Cambre for 33 years, Christophe Gevers imparted his expertise while his versatile designs, from lighting to furniture, continue to influence contemporary interiors.

The Axis71 CG01 table lamp, designed by Christophe Gevers in 1968, is an iconic and timeless lighting masterpiece admired for its enduring influence on Belgian design. Its classic aesthetics seamlessly integrate with modern interiors, making it an exceptional choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

Available in eight distinctive colors, each reflecting the design philosophies of renowned creators, the CG01 lamp celebrates individuality. Handpicked finishes like Corten Eternel, Métal Brut, and Cuivre Oxydé evoke the raw beauty of aged and oxidized metals, with limited editions of 35 pieces per color.

Discover the perfect CG01 lamp to elevate your space with timeless elegance.

Black 1 Yellow Staal 1 Rood 3 Natan blue Bordeaux 2 Geoxideerd Metal raw 2