One of each please and thanks.

"At Graanmarkt 13, we are celebrating our enduring love for SUSAN BIJL, and this time, it's all about the timeless allure of black. Introducing the Black & Black Collection, which embodies the success of SUSAN BIJL's least colorful combination – a fusion of style and simplicity.

About SUSAN BIJL: The journey began with The New Shopping Bag in 2000, Susan's innovative solution to single-use plastic waste. After studying at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, she deepened the classic plastic bag's creases, infusing it with functionality and volume. A discovery in a local kite store brought ripstop nylon into the mix – a sturdy yet lightweight material with a paper-thin touch, available in a variety of colors. Susan added her distinctive 'Flash' stripe, a positive diagonal element that has become iconic, gracing every bag design since. The collection expanded, guided by a commitment to creating products for daily use. Everything is done with a strong love for minimalistic and functional design, from the first sketch to the last stitch. With this intention, new items were introduced over the years, such as The New Pouch, The New Bum Bag, and The New Raincoat.

Whether in-store or online, join us in embracing the elegance of simplicity and discover the timeless allure of SUSAN BIJL’s Black & Black creations.