Perfectly joined, perfectly fitted.

Charlotte Chesnais makes ingenious pieces that flirt with being both jewellery and sculptures. Every piece explores new shapes and forms, such as lines and curves in endless interactions. Jewels in one or more colours can circle the neck, swoop around the wrists or graze the ears, always streamlined and sometimes even with a sensual, yet sophisticated touch.

Charlotte’s first piece dates back to when she worked as a ready-to-wear designer at Balenciaga for Nicolas Ghesquière and conceived a cuff that played with proportions and which could be stacked. The piece was both classic and innovative at the same time, which sparked Charlotte’s curious interest. After 9 years at Balenciaga, Charlotte traded her permanent job for freelance work and founded her eponymous jewellery brand. With the idea of reimagining classic shapes, Charlotte has now come to a unique vision in which classic jewellery almost transcends being a jewel.

“I entered into jewellery because I came from fashion, but I could have been making chairs or other objects — always staying true to my own vision and beliefs”, Charlotte says. “My pieces are not merely earrings, rings, bracelets or necklaces; they are objects that appear beautifully on the body but also as standalone designs. I like to set the jewellery-object against the contours of the body, with lines that are fluid, dynamic, sharp and disciplined. I work against an established aesthetic, instead developing my own family of archetypes over time.”

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