Rae Morris

Timeless Japanese make-up brushes.

In our quest to buy less, but better products, the Australian label Rae Morris has our complete and undivided attention. Considered as one of the most influential make up artists in the world, Rae Morris came up with a series of high quality brushes. Handmade in Japan, each brush is created to facilitate your everyday make up routine.

The Rae Plate and The Rae Frame are designed to organize your brushes, to get rid of bathroom clutter and to prolong the lifespan of your brushes. Thanks to invisible magnets you can hang your brushes upside down, which is perfect for drying after cleaning so you don't have to wipe the brushes dry, which can break the hairs.

Favourited by Graanmarkt 13 founder Ilse Cornelissens, you can find our selection of brushes, matifying powder and storage solutions in our Antwerp store and online.