Salle Privée

Iconic essentials for the modern man.

Salle Privée is a luxury brand for men who seek and respect the virtues of classic menswear. 

At Graanmarkt 13 we believe that the difference between one white shirt and another lies within the story behind it. We always look for the perfect cut, quality and wearability that the slow fashion world has to offer. Timeless modern classics that are essential for every man’s closet. 

By refining menswear garments into signature pieces, Salle Privée presents a completed men's wardrobe of iconic essentials, effortlessly complementing the unique style of any man in the world.

“Pure luxury and classic, yet unique, items. This is how Salle Privée can be summed up. Rather than just a brand, it is also a lifestyle, an universe in its own right, where the clothes highlight the unique aesthetics of the men choosing to wear them.” - Vogue Italy

The brand takes great pride in its international ambassadors such as photographers Anton Corbijn and Wayne Maser, heart specialist Dr. Andrew Cooper and Creative Director Amilcar Gomes, who effortlessly channel the brand's philosophy.

Salle Privee Wayne Maser Graanmarkt13 Menswear Salle Privee Amilcar Gomes Graanmarkt13 Menswear 3 Salle Privee Amilcar Gomes Graanmarkt 13 Menswear6 Andrew Cook Salle Privee Graanmarkt13 Salle Privee Wayne Maser Graanmarkt13 2 Salle Privee Wayne Maser Graanmarkt13 Menswear 1

The collection ensures the finest quality and wearability by representing the mastery of Italian tailoring. 

Visit the Store and let Salle Privée guide you through a personal journey of style and tell you the stories of inspiring men all over the world.

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