Samuel Gassmann

When you think of the perfect gift for the modern gentleman, cufflinks come to mind. At Graanmarkt 13 we trust in Samuel Gassmann and his ability to turn this small accessory into a one-of-a-kind piece. His cufflinks tell a story of craftsmanship, style and quality. 

Samuel Gassmann presents a collection of cufflinks, entirely handmade in his atelier in the Rue Daumesnil in Paris. The designer's passion for cufflinks grew from a career as a freelance journalist for the French Metropolis (Arte) magazine. In 2007 Gassmann engaged himself in the subject of the tiniest element of the male vestiaire, the shirt button.

Further research led him to concentrate on the history of the (male) dress code and on how clothes were linked to day, evening or sport events. His interest organically unfolded into a passion and the eponymous luxury accessory brand Samuel Gassmann was born. 

The inspiration behind designing his collection is the idea of reclaiming the traditional convention of dressing for the occasion. Throughout history, men’s apparel has been strictly governed by extravagant dress codes.

Daywear was distinguished from eveningwear. Sportswear was principally designed for hunting, cycling or motor sports. Casual wear was designed to be worn when receiving guests at home. Clothing also conformed to social etiquette, celebrating the pomp and circumstance of the royal court and high society, or simply articulating life’s great moments.

Gassmann's collection is a further expression of these fundamental dress codes, emphasizing the uniqueness of each moment. He reinterprets occasions by using very specific materials in harmony with these moments.

“My buttons are made by the best artisans who work for Chanel and so on, fabricated with the best materials. Our cufflinks are so high class, you can’t go any higher." - Samuel Gassmann

Samuel Gassmann continues: “I’m an artisan who loves storytelling. When looking at men’s attire, there’s a story behind every garment... My job is about defining and redefining the meaning of cufflinks and to create stories around them. I came up with rules based on observations that I like to use and re-use in every collection, making every button look different.”

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