Sometimes you choose your colour, but mostly the colour chooses you.

Lovers of clean and effortless makeup might already have found their way to our store, but for those of you who haven’t, here’s why you should pass by and say hi.

Manasi 7’s collection consists of compact makeup creams and gels, that can be used on both lips and cheeks, as well as a creamy eye shadow. Their versatile products flatter all skin tones and give your face a fresh look with minimal effort. All makeup is made from natural ingredients, packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are nourishing and moisturizing to the skin.

The Swedish brand is beyond ‘clean and sustainable’, as all the ingredients are natural, wild harvested, plant-based and certified organic. Manasi 7 is not focused on mass-production. Instead, the products are produced in small quantities to minimize waste and support small-scale farmers.

To achieve the highest quality possible, the beauty label goes by the ‘Declaration of 7’. It’s the foundation of their values, vision and responsibilities, based on founder Susanne Manasi’s profound experience and knowledge as a makeup artist. Everything they do, make and undertake, is mirrored to these values.

Manasi 7 is now available in our Antwerp store. Can’t (wait to) visit? All products are cheering up our e-shop too.

Manasi 7 strobelighter sunsubiro 006 kopiëren Manasi 7 strobelighter heliconia 010 kopiëren Manasi 7 all over colour fuchsine 001 kopiëren Manasi 7 skin enhancer eburnean 007 kopiëren Manasi 7 misc 009 kopiëren Manasi 7 all over colour ikura 001 kopiëren Manasi 7 bronzelighter roseate 009 kopiëren Manasi 7 all over shine kaito 004 kopiëren Manasi 7 all over colour sisserou 007 kopiëren Manasi 7 all over colour gazania 001 kopiëren