Studio Corkinho

It's cork, but not as you know it.

Studio Corkinho is an Antwerp based design studio that crafts series of objects out of 100% reclaimed cork waste. 

Studio Corkinho tells the story of two young designers who value the virtues of tradition, craftsmanship and timelessness in their design thinking. Cedric Etienne and Klas Dalquist are fully and intensely involved in the design and manufacturing process, from tree to object.

The raw material they use for their design artefacts is directly harvested from the Cork Oak trees in Alentejo (Portugal), where cork farming is an essential part of the local culture. Cork is known for its impermeable, floating, elastic, and fire retardant properties and it is used in a variety of products, the most common of which is wine stoppers.

Studio Corkinho uses cork as a precious material which they thoughtfully press and handcraft into refined objects such as flower vases, bowls, "vide poches", placemats and many other 100% natural and organic interior design objects. 

The objects by Studio Corkinho provoke a strong connection between nature, object, interior and architecture and they can be interpreted in many ways. Apart from their function, the objects are naturally poetic, set an instant mood and they can often fulfil a mere decorative purpose in any interior. 

It’s an endless story that will never be fulfilled, but also never empty.

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