The lucky ones find each other.

It all started in the backyard of Graanmarkt 13, where Ilse & Tim invited friends over from Amsterdam. A friend’s love life came up in conversation, and that conversation lasted until dawn. Reconnecting with your partner, getting intimate, keeping your sex life fun and adventurous, exploring the erotic solo or together. They covered it all.

Self Studies believes that every human being deserves the right to enjoy love, pleasure and intimacy, whether this is with (a) partner(s) or simply going solo. The Amsterdam-based team curates the world’s best brands and products to create a body-safe, innovative and modern platform, for everyone and anyone, no matter what your preference is.

The more we know about sex and intimacy, the better it gets, and we are happy to have Self Studies on this journey with us. That’s why, from the 15th of September you can find a cherry-picked selection of their products in our Antwerp store.

With excitement we would like to invite you on our intimate opening night. Come along to immerse yourself in the world of love, explore the pleasures of Self Selfstudies and meet the women behind this platform.

Thursday September 15th - 6.30pm > 9pm Graanmarkt 13.

To empower you. To equip you. To support you. Self Studies. You come first.