Und Gretel Cosmetics

An organic wardrobe for the skin.

In a cosmetic landscape that was defined by two categories: beautiful fashion colours often formulated with controversial ingredients in one corner, and natural cosmetics that lacked the bold and sexy shades in the other, internationally renowned Berlin based make-up artist Christina Roth saw an opportunity to make a change.

She teamed up with marketing guru Stephanie Dettmann and started off the first high-end natural and organic make-up brand 'Und Gretel’ with one simple goal: to create the most beautiful colours using only the purest and finest ingredients nature has to offer. A carefully curated, complete wardrobe for the skin was born with a fashion heart, an organic soul and a Berlin mind.

No more sad-earth-tones natural cosmetics with formulas that separate, but formulas that smell and feel as good as they look. No preservatives, no toxins, no compromises. And that’s a beautiful thing!

Und Gretel believes that what we put on our skin is as important as how it looks, that’s why they select only the finest organic ingredients. From avocado oil to chamomile extract and water distilled from Clary Sage, only the best will do. All of the certified organic ingredients derive their nourishing, healing and balancing properties from nature.

If the eyes are indeed the windows to the soul, think of well-groomed brows as really good looking curtains.

The collection with Bauhaus-inspired packaging consists of candle-light-in-a-bottle foundation, eye shadow enriched with Vitamin E that helps you fight the good fight, the secret-to-looking-well-rested concealer, a whisper-light powder that will make you be tempted to powder in public, and many more cosmetic treats that highlight every woman's natural beauty.

Discover the make-up brand that is making waves in the cosmetic ànd in the fashion world in our e-shop and Antwerp store.