What women want.

Favourited essentials for summer.

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet. Days like these call for easy sophistication, timeless elegance and effortless femininity. Shapes and textures that speak for themselves. Pieces that feel as great as they look, made in a durable and social way, by designers that understand what women want. 

Loving you is so easy, it’s effortless.

Cristina Casini, the designer behind the Parisian brand CristaSeya, doesn’t create seasonal collections, she creates editions. Small universes of unique pieces of which the quality and the rareness stands the test of time. CristaSeya strives for only using the best materials that the world has to offer for a wardrobe that never ages and never goes out of style. 

The velvet rose dress is one of our all time favourite pieces. It’s so romantic, almost poetic. An ode to sacred women by the Antwerp-based brand Bernadette.  The new ready-to-wear brand is a spin-off of the knitwear label Made by Bernadette, established by Bernadette De Geyter. Together with her daughter Charlotte, fashion graduate at the Antwerp Fashion Academy, the women create colourful, über feminine dresses for women of all ages.    

Our collections are less of a theory, more of a love affair.  
To fall in love, visit our e-shop here or pass by our Antwerp store (and say hi to Tim and Ilse for us while you're at it). 

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