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Coseincorso is a multi-disciplinary design studio translating local histories into limited-run collections and creative services founded by Marzia Cerio and Marwann Frikach in 2021. Coseincorso’s approach aims to reintroduce poetics into the production process of objects and highlights the cultural context in which they are made. Coseincorso focuses on research and handcrafted production as well as on the valorization and transmission of know-how. The brand works in collaboration with artisans and source local material. Each project is inspired by history, archaeology, and geography and translates the essence of a region into physical form, all being key items in the Coseincorso way of thinking and developing.

Coseincorso’s first collection came out in 2022 and is called ‘Les Ames Simples’. For Coseincorso’s first collection, the studio focused on aspects of isolation, simple ways of life and our relationship with nature and spirituality. Through this simplicity and the direct connection to the artisan, Coseincorso tends to design objects with a soul which go over their sole utility. Coseincorso’s first field of research was the place the couple lives in now: Belgium. Belgium is the land of the first beguinage, an architectural complex within cities, created to accommodate beguines: lay nuns who lived in restricted communities without taking vows or withdrawing from the world. Nevertheless, they lived their spirituality freely within their walls and outside the official church. As independent women’s groups, they were owners, creators and benefactors and created their own society and economy. In those days, they were not always well regarded and some of them were called heretics or even witches. Today, beguinages are protected by UNESCO and are part of Belgian history and heritage. Coseincorso was fascinated by this movement born in the 13th century. The Coseincorso duo therefore decided to look at this way of life which raises social and political questions for our time, about autonomy, collaboration, feminism and the place of spirituality in society. This first Coseincorso project, consisting of a bench, a table, a mirror and a candle holder, is the brand’s personal interpretation of this particular type of isolation, whose forms are freely inspired by objects found in béguinages. The first Coseincorso collection was produced in collaboration with young craftsmen in Brussels who perfected traditional skills such as ironwork, upholstery and wax casting.

The first collection by Coseincorso exists of a few strong pieces all adding value to each other. The Mirror of Simple Souls takes inspiration from medieval stoups often found at the entrance of churches and by the Béguines’ beds. The stainless steel plate is brushed by hand leaving a blurry mirrored surface. The iron half- sphere can be used as a small container or be left as an empty spiritual vessel. The Mirror of Simple Souls has proven to be Coseincorso’s first stunning masterpiece, being available in a smaller size, and also a full- length mirror.

The Bench takes inspiration from wooden benches used in Christian churches. The raw iron is blackened to create a painterly texture. The Bench proves to be Coseincorso’s most popular piece as it fits almost any environment. Coseincorso’s matching Altar could provide a great addition to the Bench, resulting in a complete beguminage feeling and atmosphere.

The Coseincorso Altar is inspired by prayer kneelers and small altars found in the Béguines’ rooms. Each metal piece is cut by hand and the welds are still visible. The smooth assemblage of thin metal pieces makes the object almost invisible, floating in space.

The Candelabra is inspired by religious candle holders and can be used as a unique sculptural element, as well as a decomposed puzzle. Both the Coseincorso Candelabra and candles are available at the Graanmarkt 13 store. The Candelabra probably being Coseincorso’s most accessible piece at the moment, the Candelabra could be a great first starting point for introducing the Coseincorso concept and feeling into your home.

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