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About the brand

The venture of KASSL Editions started in 2018 when a group of fashion-loving friends from Amsterdam and Antwerp were brought together by an old fisherman’s coat. The coat’s simple cut, technical character and outstanding shape inspired the collective to create a new outerwear brand with a genderless, exceptionally durable and functional ethos, and a commitment to radical quality.

From the very beginning, KASSL Editions has taken its responsibility seriously. KASSL is a democratic design practice not centred around one designer but operates like a collective combining diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The KASSL team believes that luxury shouldn’t cost the Earth. They conserve natural resources wherever possible, reduce waste through upcycling, and limit their transportation impact by centring their production and sourcing in Europe. KASSL also builds respectful partnerships and continuously optimises its processes and culture in service of the best outcomes for the world and its inhabitants.

KASSL’s founding idea was ‘one coat in seasonal editions’ - KASSL Originals - which today has evolved into a balanced coat collection containing other styles as well. The KASSL Sailor and Pilot coats for example are reworkings of the original, quintessential KASSL fisherman’s coat. The hallmark of all KASSL Editions pieces is an outstanding cut, created by and for real people with a real love for quality. KASSL shapes are so democratic that they suit everyone, transcending styles, times, genders and generations. All pieces have an unpolished yet refined, confident aesthetic. For an even bolder silhouette, KASSL Editions encourages to wear its coats oversized. Their comfortable fit and relaxed appeal are perfect for both everyday and special occasion dressing. Whether dressed up or down, a KASSL coat will always radiate that subtle-cool urban elegance in a way no other coat does.

All KASSL creations also unite the functional properties of utility wear with the luxurious properties of Italian textiles. KASSL coats are available in various fabrics, from KASSL’s signature oil fabric to rubber, trench or sleek lacquer cotton in seasonal colours. The fabrics’ luxurious feel contrasts nicely with the technical character of the coats. For the production, the KASSL team has found an incredible partner in Jozef Koch who runs a respected family business in the German ciy of Kassel. The Koch family is known for its durable utility wear, preferred by both the national fire brigade and retailer Manufactum. The quality Jozef delivers is fantastic. Although he isn’t a fashion designer, he perfectly knows how a piece works.

KASSL editions’ preoccupations with quality, longevity, tactility and colour are apparent in every item in the collection. All KASSL creations are both timeless and fashionable, functional and luxurious, chic and cool. If you want to invest in a fashion piece that lasts a lifetime, ideally longer, KASSL is your brand.

Today, KASSL Editions also produces a range of accessories that complement the coat collection and blur the lines between traditional categories of men- and womenswear. Most famous are KASSL’s instantly recognizable ‘puffy’ Pillow bags, made with offcuts from production. They draw fresh inspiration from the sharpness of the mid-1960s Mod subculture and the late 1990s streetwear cool. The core colour palette of the KASSL bag collection contains neutral naturals like white, beige and taupe, with flashes of new seasonal shades like spicy ginger and soft pistachio.

The signature KASSL Pillow bag is today joined by the lightly padded Anchor handbag, made from KASSL’s oil fabric. The Anchor stands upright when placed on the ground and features a snap button closure, keeping belongings secure when days turn into nights. It’s a playful innovation that speaks to KASSL’s sensuous mastery of all things geometric. The Anchor comes in various sizes - small and medium - and colours. The medium crossbody version can be wrapped around the body, which closes the coat and creates an instantly intriguing silhouette. Combining a KASSL coat with a KASSL bag in the same colour, will give you an effortless uniform look, or choose an uplifting colour for your bag to make a bold statement. All of KASSL’s bags are designed to meet the needs of modern-day life and can be used for dressing up and down depending on the occasion.

KASSL Editions’ latest addition on the accessories front is the KASSL Keychain, also made using oil fabric offcuts and available in multiple seasonal colours. It’s a true demonstration of KASSL’s devotion to offering radical quality and finding sustainable solutions. Next to accessories, KASSL has also created a furniture range. The KASSL Pillow sofa was originally created for a sustainability-themed project initiated by Wallpaper* magazine. It’s a reinterpretation of the KASSL aesthetic by the Belgian top duo Muller Van Severen and is quickly becoming a much sought-after item. Enough reasons to meet this fascinating brand on our website or by visiting the Graanmarkt 13 store in Antwerp.