Blanche 4 rug

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Blanche 4 is a Naturally dyed, braided rug woven by hand on a traditional foot-loom from 100% hand-spun sheep’s wool. Having washed, mordanted, and soaked the wool overnight, we extracted the pigments from natural ingredients including avocado pits, and Achiote, and experimented with dye baths to create a variety of from light beiges.

Bat’z is the first of the 20 signs of the Mayan calendar. Bat’z stands for thread. The thread of time. The thread of destiny.

All of our rugs are designed by Hanne de Wyngaert (Belgium) and then spun, dyed, and handwoven by Mayan weavers in Guatemala. We strive to provide economic opportunity and celebrate indigenous traditions to create beautiful and functional products.