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At the heart of this beautiful woody fragrance are 2 opposing forces, two versions of juniper wood produced by Robertet’s ingredients division. British nose Lyn Harris built on the energy of these two forces. Leathery Isobutyl Quinoline and the balsamic-smelling Cistus Absolute contribute a smoldering quality. Galbanum and Elemi from Iran contrast with the green and smooth. With this balance in play, Charcoal can be interpreted as both dirty and clean, dry and wet, and never becomes a pastiche. In its dry down comes a lingering smokiness, suggesting the dying embers of the fire. This is one of the 13 Perfumer H fragrances personally favorited by Graanmarkt 13 founders Tim and Ilse.

The 100ml refill bottle is created to complement the hand blown bottle, but can be purchased separately too. Comes with 2 travel sized bottles inside a felt pouch.