N°09 'Ode to Jenny' silk scarf (90 x 90cm)

Claudia Latruwe


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The multicolored scarf is designed in Belgium and sustainably produced in Italy. All designs are printed on silk satin with a rolled hem. Each Claudia Latruwe scarf is sold per piece, yet designed to be mixed and matched by tying the scarfs. You can either go for a harmonious combination, or mismatch with clashing prints.

'Ode to Jenny' is a parody of classic silk scarfs where hunting scenes with horses and other animals are depicted. This one is an ode to Jenny, a white horse that roams free in Frankfurt. "She walks around like it's the most normal thing in the world," a newscaster said in one video. So we think it's more normal to see them in captivity than to see them live freely.