Horse Hair Mattress 'Chalked 'Linen'

Daniel Heer


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The Horsehair traditionally used in mattresses is the tail hair of horses. Like his great-grandfather, Daniel Heer makes his mattresses with pure horse tail hair from the Toggenburger & Co horsehair spinning mill in Switzerland. Here, the horsehair is still boiled with natural soaps, washed, finely spun and braided into tight braids. Daniel Heer untwists the braids in his Berlin workshop and processes the freshly plucked horsehair by hand into a supportive surface.

Why horsehair?

Horsehair fiber is supple, dimensionally stable and provides cushioning. It adapts to the spine and supports the body during sleep. Horsehair is naturally moisture-regulating, breathable and anti-allergenic, it feels warm in winter and pleasantly dry in summer.

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