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Aloïse Botanicals is belgian makeup artist Sophie Engelen’s first line of skincare. Designed to heighten the senses and developed to find a conscious connection with one’s essential self Aloïse Botanicals is guided by what’s beautifully essential.

With more than twenty years of experience as an esthetician, makeup artist, massage therapist, health & nutrition consultant, herbalist, ongoing student in the modalities of holistic healing, and plant medicine, Sophie has put together all her knowledge and experience in; for now, two essential products: a Hydrating Floral Mist and a Super Glow Face Oil. Together they form the essentials for a healthy and glowing skincare routine and the base for Aloïse Botanicals. Their formulations are consciously crafted in relationship with plants, flora, and natural materials. To use Aloïse Botanicals is to sensorially awaken, holistically coming into an awareness of and connection with oneself.

When using Aloïse’s Botanicals Hydrating Floral Mist a powerful blend of moisture-replenishing botanicals formulated to hydrate, neutralize free radicals are stimulating skin cell renewal. Aloïse’s alcohol-free hydrating floral mist leaves all skin types revitalized and radiant inducing a sense of calm and comfort for both body and mind. Aloïse’s Super Glow Face Oil is a blend of active, antioxidant-rich botanical oils wich will boost hydration, enhancing radiance, and deeply nourish all skin types. When using daily Aloïse Super Glow Face Oil will support a healthy, rejuvenated skin that will soak in aromatic properties that calm the mind and uplift the spirit.

Aloïse, —meaning ‘All wise’, is inspired by Sophie’s love of the natural world and enriched by her time of living in Los Angeles. It was there where she further developed her knowledge in the modalities of holistic healing, and plant medicine. As all of Aloïse Botanicals formulations are consciously crafted in relationship with plants and natural materials Aloïse products are made entirely from cold-pressed oils, eliminating unnecessary heating and the use of chemical ingredients. As Aloïse Botanicals’ is season bound and therefore all products are handmade in limited batches in Italy.

Sophie strongly believes in the essential value of beauty, finding its truest expression in moments within nature and tries to remind us to slow down and experience the moment to find a deeper connection with ourselves. Aloïse Botanicals is guided by what’s beautifully essential, with every product connected through quality, purpose, and a passion for plant-based ingredients.

At Graanmarkt 13 we are proud to represent Aloïse Botanicals and add it’s products to our skincare range.

Discover all of Aloïse’s new botanical skincare in our Antwerp store where our staff is more than happy to help you choose or shop the collection in our E-shop.