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Perfumer H is the latest creation of Lyn Harris, a renowned perfumer based in London. Harris is considered one of the most respected perfumers in the world. She is one of those personalities any industry has: known to the insiders, unfamiliar to the big public. After studying and working in Paris and amid the lavender fields of the world’s perfume capital Grasse, Harris started her own fragrance house ‘Miller Harris’ in 2000. Her desire to pioneer honesty and nature back into perfumery were the sparks to establish ‘Perfumer H’ in 2015.

With her new venture, Harris wants to be at the forefront of the sustainable fragrance movement. Her objective with Perfumer H is to deliver a well-considered, intelligent and durable range of products. This extends to every aspect of Perfumer H’s process, from the original sourcing of natural materials to the final creation. Harris believes in total transparency. In a world where no one knows of which components one's fragrance is made up, Perfumer H is committed to making a difference.

When creating her fragrances, Harris effortlessly combines natural materials with the magic of science, leading to unconventional olfactory landscapes that evoke curiosity. Perfumer H icons like ‘Rain Cloud-Floral’, ‘Ink-Wood’ and ‘Leather-Fern’ reflect Harris’ discerning eye and conscious mind. She loves creating her fragrances around different aspects of nature and experiment with how these everyday smells interact with her life and mood. From the interaction of ink on paper to the smell of flowers after the rain, Perfumer H captures their olfactory beauty. Twice a year, Lynn Harris also presents a seasonal edit of five fragrances which express her predictions for the season. In total, Perfumer H offers over 40 refined perfume fragrances and 30 fragrance candles for the home, made for all aspects of life.

Not only the fragrances, but the whole brand Perfumer H is centered around craftsmanship. Tired of everything looking the same, Harris decided to work with the best creatives in their field - a glass blower, a designer and an architect - to create Perfumer H products and spaces that are visually engaging, tactile and full with personality. Collaborating with like-minded artisans allows Perfumer H to offer hand-made products that are globally sourced, but locally produced. Everything, from the glass bottles to the dispensers, to packaging and font is given utmost attention. To reinforce Lyn Harris’ message of simplicity throughout, all Perfumer H boutiques are carefully designed with a natural palette of wood, metal and glass. All Perfumer H perfume bottles and candle vessels are hand blown, uniquely coloured and engraved by the master glass blower Michael Ruh. The bottles can be fully personalised with the customers initials in gold.