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Sofie D'hoore

About the brand

Minimalist, pure, clean and comfortable. These words are often used to describe Sofie D’hoore’s fashion signature, from her chic-cool garments to her highly sought-after Sofie D’hoore shoe range. After graduating from the Antwerp Royal Academy, Sofie D’hoore finetuned her style in Milan and Brussels. In 1992, she decided to start her fashion label ‘Sophie D’hoore’, which became a household name in the fashion world.

Like a truly Belgian designer, Sofie D’hoore prefers understated luxury, clean lines, natural materials and a modernist approach. Her designs are worn with gusto by architects and people in the arts all over the world. Every Sofie D'Hoore garment feels as great as it looks. Elegant and feminine, without sacrificing comfort. Pieces you won’t hang at the back of your closet any time soon. Sofie D’hoore’s highlights include double-faced coats that envelop the body, smartly cut shirts, dresses that loosely frame the silhouette, and the famously relaxed Sofie D’hoore trousers that fall comfortably at the waist. All Sofie D’hoore’s pieces are made to be very stylish, comfortable and easy to wear.

At the same time, luxurious materials, excellent cuts, colour and finish are very important components of Sofie D’hoore’s universe as well. This Belgian fashion designer is obsessed with the perfect cut and the perfect fabrics. Her fashion designs are a constant search for refinement and for reconciling the ingenuity of design with ease of wear. Every season, Sofie D’hoore seeks out the most suitable materials of the highest quality, preferring natural textiles like wool, cotton, and silk. Only when she’s made the right selection, she will turn to the drawing table where an immaculate fit is crucial.

Sofie D'Hoore prefers timeless purity over fashion trends. Her designs are made to be versatile and endlessly combinable, offering fresh perspectives on familiar fashion themes. Aside from the occasional colour burst, Sofie D’hoore feels no need to shout. She lets shapes and textures speak for themselves. As a result, Sofie D’hoore’s designs are luxurious yet understated, classic yet contemporary. Her pieces are building blocks to a highly adaptable and durable wardrobe that never ages and never goes out of style. Get familiar with this irresistible Belgian brand in our Graanmarkt 13 Antwerp Store or discover Sofie D’hoore in our webshop.