Garden 13

Some give flowers, others give lushness.

You can give blooming flowers that will fade, or silent seeds that will grow.

In close collaboration with chef-cook Seppe Nobels and Sanguisorba’s herbalist Bart Belmans, Graanmarkt 13 has developed a series of premium seed mixtures to grow your own 1m2 lushness of herbs, flowers and vegetables. All varieties grow on our rooftop garden too, and are Seppe's long-time favourites. Their taste, structure and beauty make for culinary experiments and will spice your daily dishes.

All seeds are local varieties, because we should be proud of the flavours nature creates around us.

We offer 3 different packages to grow your own 'Garden 13’:
- One for the kids to explore and learn,
- One to spice up your salads,
- And another one serves as a colourful bee and butterfly buffet.

Discover them all in our e-shop or let us introduce you personally to the newest addition to our botanical family in the Store or the Restaurant.