Passing through the spaces between moments.

COSEINCORSO is a multi-disciplinary design studio translating local histories into limited-run
collections and creative services founded by Marzia Cerio and Marwann Frikach in 2021.

COSEINCORSO’s approach aims to reintroduce poetics into the production process of objects and highlights the cultural context in which they are made. Their focus lays on research and handcrafted production as well as on the valorisation and transmission of know-how. The brand works in collaboration with artisans and source local material. Each project is inspired by history, archaeology, and geography and translates the essence of a region into physical form.

COSEINCORSO’s first field of research was the country of Belgium.

Belgium is the land of the first béguinage, an architectural complex within cities, created to accommodate beguines: lay nuns who lived in restricted communities without taking vows or withdrawing from the world. Nevertheless, they lived their spirituality freely within their walls and outside the official church. As independent women’s groups, they were owners, creators and benefactors and created their own society and economy. In those days, they were not always well regarded and some of them were called heretics or even witches. Today, beguinages are protected by UNESCO and are part of Belgian history and heritage.

This project, consisting of a bench, a table, a mirror and a candle holder, is the brand’s personal interpretation of this particular type of isolation, whose forms are freely inspired by objects found in béguinages. This first collection was produced in collaboration with young craftsmen in Brussels who perfected traditional skills such as ironwork, upholstery and wax casting.

COSEINCORSO 34 The Mirror For Simple Souls COSEINCORSO 30 The Candelara COSEINCORSO 6 The Altar COSEINCORSO 7 The Altar COSEINCORSO 36 The Mirror For Simple Souls COSEINCORSO 15 The Bench COSEINCORSO 16 The Bench COSEINCORSO 27 The Candelara COSEINCORSO 17 The Bench COSEINCORSO 25 The Candelara COSEINCORSO 8 The Altar COSEINCORSO 35 The Mirror For Simple Souls COSEINCORSO 26 The Candelara COSEINCORSO 20 The Bench COSEINCORSO 29 The Candelara COSEINCORSO 18 The Bench COSEINCORSO 28 The Candelara

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