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Casegoods is international brand with a unique position in the world of design. Based in the cultural heart of Mumbai it has emerged itself as a natural extension to the architecture practice Case Design. Using the same core values as it’s funding practice, Casegoods now stands as an independent entity having a dedicated design and production team participating in exhibitions worldwide.

Founded in 2015 Casegoods became it’s own independent company in 2022 thanks to Erica and Samuel Barclay’s, who founded Case Design in 2013, joined partnership with Saleem Bhatri. Saleem brings his expertise in furniture and product design to the Casegoods workshops. Where Samuel works with the team to design and develop new products Erica, who works full-time in education, focusses her time and skills to all communications and branding aspects of Casegoods. Together they form the fundamental trio that makes Casegoods furniture grow bigger every year.

Because of their location Casegoods furniture has a unique access to a wide array of materials, methods, and production techniques. They are therefore able to work with state of the art technology while still maintaining access to knowledge, skills, and craftmanship that exists for more than a thousand years and have been passed down through generations of tradition. Every piece Casegoods builds and develops is produced both by and with exceptional makers. Often family run organizations, several of these craft based collectives go back more than 40 generations. The tacit knowledge, deep understanding of materials and methods, and willingness to engage in an iterative design practice to achieve the best outcome make their contributions to both process and product invaluable.

Casegoods furniture is born out of a passion for materials, a commitment to the act of making, and an awareness of our impact as designers on the shared environment. Every piece of Casegoods furniture is being made in their own specialized workshop. Whether it is the polished surface of their Topological Mahogany bowl, the traditional cast of Casegoods oil lamps in brass, or the carefully constructed solid wood frames of their Folding flat chair, each piece is thoroughly inspected before leaving the workshop. Strongly believing that the greatest form of sustainability is to produce work of lasting value, Casegoods endeavors to design products that are simple, beautiful, functional and will cherished for generations.

One of Casegoods other statement pieces are their jute rugs. Locally sourced and spun into yarn these handmade strands are woven into flat dhurries by skilled artisans in southern India. Collaborating with craft based communities Casegoods has developed a technique of folding, rolling, and dipping these simple carpets in natural, plant based, dyes to achieve bold geometric designs. Materials such as Indigo, pomegranate peels, and madder root produce rich colors that are both beautiful and 100% organic.

In 2019 Casegoods hosted an exhibition of furniture, lights, and objects our own apartment at Graanmarkt 13. On display were a range of Casegoods pieces and this event also marked the first public presentation of their naturally pigmented jute carpets. Ever since Casegoods furniture has been displayed in our Antwerp store and E-shop where it has been loved by our all customers. Casegoods oil lamps and furniture has grown into one of Graanmarkt 13’s best selling products over the past years and will continue to grow being more loved every single day.