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Antwerp-based lifestyle label Bernadette is led by the mother-daughter creative team Bernadette and Charlotte de Geyter. Their shared vision of modern grandeur with a twist characterizes Bernadette’s glamorous and dreamy universe. Since 2018, the duo has been designing ultrafeminine collections made from luxurious fabrics in boudoir-inspired, jazzy silhouettes. Keep an eye on their colourful dresses, summer knits, romantic cardigans and wavy tops featuring Bernadette’s unique floral motifs, all of which are hand-drawn by Charlotte.

Artistic expression is central to Bernadette. Charlotte studied at Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts, her beautiful botanical motifs have been described by the British Vogue as “florals with a fizz”. Charlotte’s mother Bernadette is an interior enthusiast who feels comfortable in various places, from American porches with Rotan chairs to cosy English cottages. A fusion of nonchalance and elegance characterizes her style. Coming from Ralph Lauren, she is also an expert in shapes and textures that work for women of all ages. Bernadette’s ready-to-wear universe consists of sexy silhouettes, grand couture shapes, luscious Italian silk and hand-embroidered details that elevate every style and personality.

Bernadette is much more than a fashion label. Mother and daughter love to tell stories, putting their own spin on travelling, working or spending time at home. They want to spread a lifestyle filled with pleasure and florals that brighten up every occasion of your day. Bernadette encourages optimism and embodies the beauty of taking an elegant break now and then. Let’s run through fields of lavender and sunflowers, doze under grapevine shelters and squeeze fresh limes under the Mediterranean sun. Imagine travelling to vibrant cities and sunny destinations, discovering tiny restaurants and getting inspired by all the richness life has to offer. Bernadette stands for the freedom of doing whatever comes to your mind. Whether taking your nightgown for a stroll around town, your pyjamas for a cocktail around the corner or lounging by the pool in a wavy kimono, Bernadette has got you covered. Life is too short not to dress beautifully and have fun.

The Bernadette homeware collection sprouted from this shared passion for joy, discovery, interior and beauty. One morning, mother and daughter decided to extend the uplifting and inspirational vibe of their ready-to-wear collection to homeware items. After all, getting up in silken pyjamas at lake Como doesn’t go without sipping a cappuccino from a beautiful cup, isn’t it? In Bernadette, fashion and interior merge seamlessly. The flowery patterns that adorn Bernadette’s garments are growing everywhere where she strides along, from romantic pillows to beautiful teapots, cups, plates, napkins and vases. Mother and daughter dream of bringing their in-house drawn florals and saturated hues to homes all over the world.

The journey of Bernadette has only just begun, and we are happy to be travelling along with them. To fall in love with Bernadette, simply visit our e-shop or pass by at Graanmarkt 13 in Antwerp.